W&T International Ltd.

A worldwide stage lighting OEM/ODM supplier




W&T International Ltd. is a vendor of stage lighting equipment since 2010. In recent years since 2016, we’ve been focusing on manufacturing wireless and battery powered stage lights and led curtains.

Our passion for LED lighting has been driving us to supply high quality products and professional service.

OEM and ODM are always welcome.

Our Business Philosophy

W&T International Ltd. was founded on the belief that customers deserve quality products and that we should have fun whilst delivering quality products.

In today's highly competitive world when everyone wants it cheaper and faster, this vision is harder to live up to but we still remain committed to it.

As the business has grown and matured, our beliefs have developed based on the experiences we have had as a business:

We believe that satisfied customers are the key to a successful business and that controlled growth is the only path to sustained profitability.

We believe that there is no point in supplying products that are substandard or inadequate. In the long run, it never pays.

We are here working with you as a professional partner.